Other Products

Here are some of our products.

Non-slip pants hangers: CH-M(G)5

▶ Use high quality high impact ABS 

▶ Not easily broken 

▶ Non-slips do not fall out or fall off 

▶ Not contaminated with clothing


Skirt hanger: CP / Pants hanger: BP

▶ Width adjustment function according to use area 

▶ Adjusting forceps elasticity according to clothing thickness 

▶ Push up to receive and pull down to use  

▶ Use the wardrobe more spaciously with clean storage 

▶ Conveniently withdraws from the closet door 

▶ 11 winter clothing pants, 22 summer clothing pants (1 pair of tongs) 

▶ Excellent elastic resilience, so you can always use it like a new one


Material: Steel, Polycarbonate

Size(치마쏙): 345 x 470 x 120 mm

Size(바지쏙): 245 x 470 x 120 mm

Working load: Each clip 2kg

Bathroom hanger: YSH series

▶ insufficient bathroom storage! As a bathroom hanger !! 

▶ Towel hanger installed on the ceiling 

▶ Installed on towel rack to support bathroom floor  

▶ Easy installation by anyone with pole system 

▶ Safer use with removable shelves



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