1987 Daeyeon Products established

1987 Developed 3 types of female lighting torso

1988 Developed 3 types of female lighting torso

1990 Developed 12 kinds of rotating display stand

1993 Developed 7 types of rotating lighting showcase

1996 Developed 9 types of torso

1998 Developed 5 types of male and female lighting torso

1999 Completion of Maseok Plant

1999 Developed 3 types of female lighting relief and 1 type of female lighting torso


2000 Converted to Daeyeon Corporation

2000 Completed development of automatic laundry dryer

2001 Venture company certification 

2002 Moved to Deokso office building in Namyangju-si

2004 Acquired Q Mark

2002 Grand Prize for 100 Best Patented Products 

2003 Opening of Bundang Permanent Exhibition Hall

2003 Venture company certification

2004 Completed development of 6 kinds of rotating lighting roll posters

2004 Selected as a company for export enterprise business 

2004 Performed export business in Shanghai, China

2004 Selected as an excellent industrial design (GD) for rotating lighting roll poster

2004 Selected as an excellent industrial design (GD) by the electric automatic clothes dryer

2004 CLEAN workplace recognition

2004 Selected as a promising small business

2004 Selected as Venture Design Excellent Product

2005 ISO9001, ISO14001 certification

2007 Completed development of semi-automatic laundry dryer


2010 Electrical Safety Certification (KITEC)

2011 Developed 11 types of folding shelf drying rack

2011 International Inventions Patent 3 Gold Award 

         (Korea Invention Promotion Association)

2011 Selected Small and Medium-sized Enterprises              with Expected Export (Small and Medium Business Adm.)

2012 Obtained CE Certification (2004/108 / EC, 2006 / 95EC)

2013 ISO 9001 2008 certification 

2014 Development of Wellex Clothespin Anyssock 

2015 Development of Clothespin as assistant of Racks

2016 Pants Hanging Pants Sock and Skirt Hanger

2016 Designation of Corporate Research Institute

(Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) 

2016 Namyangju City's 100 Luxury Companies Designated

2016 Technology Innovation Enterprise Appointment 

 (Director of Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Admin.)

2016 Certificate of Origin Certified Exporters by Item (National Tax Service) 

2016 Certificate of Origin Certified Exporters by Item (National Tax Service) 

2017 Capital increase (capital 600 million won)

2017 Detachable Semi-Automatic Laundry Dryer & Non-slip Pants Hanger development

2018  Commendation for Small and Medium Venture Business Administration in Gyeonggi Province

2019 Development of Ultra-Strength Suction Cup

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