Customer Orientation Wellex

WELLEX believes the value of a company's existence comes from the customers. Companies do not care and concern about the consumers will not be able to receive effective supports. Our brand Wellex hears your needs and always tries to achieve customer satisfaction. We listen to our clients carefully, focus on customer experience and feedback.

Daeyeon Co., Ltd., which creates a new residential space, has developed the first electric laundry dryer in Korea for the first time in 1999. As being the leading pioneer in the clothes racks manufacturing industry Wellex maintain with advanced technology and preemptive technology. Become the largest laundry dryer manufacturer in Korea. 

Our products are much more user convenient to be used than low-priced commodities. Wellex-the high-quality clothe racks- is available for decades. Our customers can be evaluated by evaluating the utility of the residential space as dozens of times the economic value of the existing drying racks and developing a new concept life holder free of space utilization. 

We listen to customer's complaints and the needs in their life then providing them with our practical skills. The after-sales service is also provided to customers with friendly service and low maintenance cost. We will cherish the encounter with customers and serve as a lifetime customer.


Authentic Product Wellex

Based on the convenience and safety of the product, we strive to create the ideal products that can realize robust and diverse functions.


Worldwide Brand Wellex

Wellex, a luxury brand in Korea, is proud to announce the independence of Made in KOREA in the world.

Wellex promise to our customers 

Tsatisfy our customers with excellent products at all times, Wellex spares no effort and passion for continuous R & D and product innovation. We will always do our best to lead better laundry dryer products with advanced technology and ease of use, and to open a better world.

Wellex spread the proud Korean company worldwide

Believing in fresh ideas and valuable products work everywhere in the world. Wellex already has overseas branches in more than 10 countries, and we are actively participating in export consultations from all over the world, not only exhibiting at famous overseas exhibitions but also making a lot of efforts in overseas marketing. Wellex continuously maintains its competitive edge by responding to the rapidly changing environment through continuous development, management innovation activities, and creative and open corporate culture to position itself as a company with strong global competitiveness. 

Wellex practice sharing management

Wellex is not only contributing to the national economy but also actively practicing sharing management as a company that values society and the environment. Respecting the environment and human beings, we will spread the warm corporate culture of Wellex through various social contribution activities and fulfill our role as a social enterprise. Based on trust and respect, Wellex will run tirelessly with challenges and passions until the day we reach the No. 1 global market through the cooperation of all employees. We ask for your continued love and encouragement. Thank you.

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