Daily laundry, once you buy a long-lasting clothes dryer

Do the laundry every day

Do you roughly pick a daily laundry rack? 

Once installed, the ceiling dryer is difficult to reinstall even if it breaks down. 

Such as Broken strings, rusty drying rods. NO!

Now, if you install it from the beginning, install it with Wellex Dryer. 

Low malfunction, you can use it for 10 years with conveniently design.

Are you using a stand dryer? 

Wellex is also equipped with a strong Champion Plus standing drying rack

Bacolny is now a living space

Was the porch dead after hanging the laundry? Did you feel uncomfortable because of the laundry experience you went through? 

The Wellex laundry rack can easily adjust the height of the racks. When you're not using, it can be lifted up and make your laundry room neatly. Balcony space are able to be used freely in 365 days.

As a clothes dryer, hanger, shelf, Wellex is available in various uses

Various ideal products are produced to maximize space utilization and use in narrow space.


Meet Wellex Products.

Good material

Most of our products are made of stainless steel which is moisture resistant and polycarbonate which is sun resistant.

Space utilization optimization

We research the products that can be washed and stored by utilizing the space that is not used throughout the house.

Robust design

We make the convenience and safety of dragons the top priority.

Lifelong Follow-up

It is the top priority to produce a product that does not break down, and even if it breaks down, we can easily use it as a part replacement.


What's new in Wellex?

SINCE 1999

Wellex caring and loving for our customers  has always been the number one place for more than 20 years since 1999! 20 years experience guarantees the quality of our products. As a pioneer in the laundry rack industry, we have prepared various products through steady new product development. 

Your Best Choice Wellex!

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